The Clip

Envitech Triple-D clip is based on several audio, text, vocal, video and chart objects that appear and disappear from the screen according the configuration that was made by the Public Display Configuration application. The duration of each object appearance, like the duration of the entire clip is determined by the same application that rules also the entire "Sequence" (Sequence is the final product of the Triple-D. It is actually a series of several clips) that will be transmitted into the Triple-D billboard.


The following figure is a capture from a clip while it is configured via the Public Display Configuration application that reflects an example for Hawaii station's dashboard in including most of the objects, that will appear later in the Triple-D screen and will be shown in the second tab.


Envitech Triple-D Example for a clip's capture while it is configured by the "Public Display Configuration" application


The following figure is an example for the same capture that was shown in the first tab from the Public Display Configuration application (a capture from Hawaii Station's clip). As you can see from the figure below the capture including real data, background and index chart that was added after the previous capture was taken.


Envitech Triple-D Capture from a Clip as it is displayed on the Triple-D screen


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