Envitech Ltd EnviWeb site offers several types of tabular and graphic reports and ways to procude them. You can produce AQM station report by clicking on the AQM Stations tab and from the Station Summary Information screen, that is a product of the region map. There is also an option to produce group reports by using the Group Reports tab. All options will appear on the following tabs.


It is possible to create a report for a AQM/CEM station, it is first necessary to enter the reporting parameters using the parameter entry screen that appears after clicking on the relevant text from the Station Summary Information screen.
The parameter entry screen is used to select the channels which will be included in the report, the reporting period and frequency and the format of the report to be produced. Each channel to be reported is selected by use of the check-box entry. Check a channel to include it and clear the check-box to exclude it from the report. When a date entry is required, a pop-up window is displayed to allow a date to be selected by reference to a more familiar calendar image.


Envitech EnviWebStation Report Dialog Box - Example for "Jesmond Road" AQM/CEM station. The user should check the relevant monitors that will be included in the report and set start & end date, time base and plot type: Table, Spreadsheet or Graph.

The following image is an example for station report in Table format, from the Envitech Ltd EnviWeb site of Sunderland, UK.


Envitech EnviWeb-Example for Daily Station Report in Table format HTML page.



A selection of graph image sizes are available for selection by use of the radio buttons. The resulting graph file will be of the size selected. The image is initially displayed in the data area, from where it can then be saved locally by the Envitech Ltd EnviWeb site visitor.

The following figure is a graphic example for the same report that was shown in the Table Report Type tab.


Envitech EnviWeb Graphic Station Report

Envitech Ltd EnviWeb site offers a report of pre-configured groups monitors from several stations. The site administrator should configure these group of monitors that will appear after click on the Group Reports tab from the main menu. Selecting one of these groups (that will be named after the common monitor's name) will display the group report dialog box. The report itself is similar to the Station Report and including tabular and graphical presentations.


Envitech EnviWeb Group Report Dialog Box. The monitors you should check in order to include in the reports appear on this dialog box named after thier station, because they are all CO monitors.

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