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The Envidas Ultimate Setup is an application that allows the user/administrator to configure all parameters required for running the Envidas Ultimate program;
this includes sites, analyzers, communication methods, monitors, users and their respective permissions, calibration sequences, and more features that build this CEM/AQM SCADA and reflect the air monitoring data.


Envitech Envidas Ultimate Setup - Adding "API-Smoke" Channel

The Envidas Ultimate Viewer is an application that let you see the results of the configurations that were made by the Envidas Ultimate Setup program.You will see dynamic tables & traces of data, general and by each port, analyzer, calibration sequence etc, all reflecting the air monitoring data of the CEM/AQM SCADA.


Envitech Envidas Ultimate View - Several Screens tiles horizontally using the "Windows" menu

This application allows a user to start and stop the communication architecture utilized by Envidas Ultimate suite. You will need to stop and restart service (communication) each time you make a change to the database structure or make any updates to the Envidas Ultimate SCADA. Additionally, the service will need to be started manually after the initial installation is complete.


Envitech Envidas Ultimate Service Manager Screen in a "Stop" state

A web browser accessible system, which can be deployed internally as an Intranet or externally as an Internet solution. This application lets you to publish both your environmental data and air monitoring data captured and stored by our traditional data logging and reporting solutions into an Internet environment for a far wider distribution of your stored environmental information than was previously possible.
Envidas Ultimate Web is a complementary product, which can be installed alongside the Envidas Ultimate data acquisition and reporting CEM/AQM SCADA in order to extend the reporting facilities to your Intranet or Internet web site.
Using some of the most advanced technologies available, Envidas Ultimate Web is highly configurable and can be extended to integrate your existing web sites and information from multiple systems into a single all encompassing environmental monitoring system.

Envitech Envidas Ultimate Web Site - Home Page that reflects the various site utilities

One of the applications that included in the Envidas Ultimate system is Envidas Ultimate Reporter that allows a user to view, analyze, report, and distribute environmental quality data across a full range of media.
Envidas Ultimate Reporter data management tool is an excellent solution for multi emissions inventory. The new communication architecture provides for a multitude of connections and air quality data flow from multiple sites.

Envitech Envidas Ultimate Reporter - 4 Graphical Reports tiled horizontally using the "Windows" menu

This separate application of Envitech Ltd Envidas Ultimate SCADA let you see online view from several cameras that have configured and placed in the AQM stations for security, curiosity and control purposes.
These cameras (IP camera or Video Capture Device) should be configured via the Envidas Ultimate Setup Video Record application and can be used in case of alerts for searching the reason with possible help of motion detection.

Envitech Envidas Ultimate Camera View Reflecting 2 live video images, one from the outside of a CEM/AQM station and one from the inside of another CEM/AQM site

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