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Air Quality Monitoring (AQM) is vital for local authorities as well as for major public and private industries to realize and minimize air pollution and measure emission sources, in order to preserve health and contribute to the fight against the greenhouse effect.
Envitech can supply from one analyzer to a complete network for accurate air quality monitoring.


Envitech Air Quality Monitoring



Envitech provides a family of Automatic metrological System (AMS).
These units have been designed and manufactured tacking into account all measurements, data acquisition, transmission and reporting requirements, from the simplest for non-expert single unit users to the most complex for expert users who handle networks of multiple units.

Envitech Automatic Meteorological System


Envitech Ltd is a global leader in Data acquisition I/O module design and manufacturing, offering complete stand-alone data acquisition modules which are broadly used in industrial applications, such as facility monitoring, environmental monitoring systems, and industrial process control. These  various I/O modules van be function as a part of SCADA for air monitoring & continuos emissions monitoring systems.

Envitech Distributed I/O modules are categorized into four families:EnviDAQ-9000 Series, EnvidAQ-8000 Series, EnviDAQ-4000 series and EnviDAQ-83XX Series,as specified below.


Envitech I/O Modules


This section introduces the main features and specifications of each Industrial Computer for using in the Air Monitoring AQM and CEM sites. Envitech Ltd provide various types of Industrial Computers for various applications. There are two types of Industrial Computers: Envidas510MB 4U Rackmount ATX Motherboard Chassis with most cost-effective benefit and EnviDAQ Biscuit family. 

Following tabs are the support list Envitech provided for user's choice.


Envitech Industrial Computers


This section introduces the main features and specifications of each Medical products for temp monitoring, patients and refrigerators monitoring and more clinical uses. Envitech Ltd provide various types of Medical products for various medical applications from four main types: Refrigerators Temperature Monitoring, Medical Rugged Tablet PC, Medical Computing Point of Care Stations and Medical Infotainment.  

Following tabs are the support list Envitech provided for user's choice.


Envitech Medical


Climate Control is the customer’s impression of the cabin environment and level of comfort related to the temperature and humidity. From the windshield defrosting, to the heating and cooling capacity, all vehicle seating positions are evaluated to a certain level of comfort. Climate Control, or HVAC is an initialism that stands for "heating, ventilation and air_conditioning". These three functions are closely interrelated, as they control the temperature and humidity of the air within a building in addition to providing for smoke control, maintaining pressure relationships between spaces, and providing fresh air for occupants. In modern building designs, the design, installation and control systems of these functions are integrated into a single "HVAC" system.

Envitech Ltd offers several Climate Control  meteorological monitoring systems that including transmitters, data loggers and monitoring systems (for humidity, pressure and  temp monitoring).


Envitech Climate Control