Envista RTM

Refrigerators Temperature Manager


Envitech Envista Refrigerators Temperature Monitoring

Main Features


  • Microsoft .NET C# programs for Windows Vista & XP Pro.
  • Windows 2003/8, Linux and Solaris database servers.
  • Client-Server, Smart Client and Web applications.
  • SQL Server 2005/8 or Oracle9i/10g DB.
  • Multi-threaded communication with data logger units.
  • Internet and intranet networking support.


General Aspects


Envista Refrigerators Temperature Monitoring, a trademark of Envitech Ltd, is a Windows 7/Vista/XP Pro., client-server & web application for supervisory control, management and analysis of Temperature, Relative Humidity and other data from Refrigerators, Freezers, Incubators, Warehouses and Cold Room monitoring networks.
Envista RTM Data Management program allows users to view, analyze, report and distribute temperature level data across the full range of media.


Further Features 


  • Interface entirely menu-driven.
  • Alert/Alarm transmission via SMS & email.
  • Collects data from remote sites at scheduled times or upon request.
  • Manages up to 9999 remote sites.
  • Dynamic displays.
  • GIS dynamic map (SHP Format) viewer.
  • On the fly QA.
  • Automatic data backups.
  • Data analysis and reporting.
  • GMP 211.186 data secure and reporting compliance.
  • Data editing/validating, 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance.

Envista RTM Brochure

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