Envitech Agreement with Synspec b.v

Published: 14/06/2011

Envitech LTd is proud to represent Synspec b.v and to be thier exclusive distributor in Israel.

Synspec b.v and Envitech LTD signed a corporation agreement to nominate Envitech LTD to be Synspec's exclusive disributor in Israel.

Synspec is a specialised company dedicated to the developement, production and sales of small gaschromatographs for ambient air and industrial hygiene measurement of hydrocarbons in low concentrations.

Our main product lines:
Syntech Spectras GC955 for low level measurements of the complex ambient air
Synspec Alpha Methane/TNMHC analyzers
Synspec Delta analyzers for toxic hydrocarbons in industry

Monitoring of:
ethylene oxide
toxic hydrocarbons in ambient air
ozone precursors
and many more compounds

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