Envitech Agreement with Teledyne-API

Published: 07/02/2011

Envitech LTd is proud to represent Teledyne-API and to be thier exclusive distributor in Israel.

Teledyne-API and Envitech LTD signed a corporation agreement to nominate Envitech LTD to be TAPI's exclusive disributor in Israel.

TAPI Agreement with Envitech LTD - ISO 9001 Certificate

Teledyne Advanced Pollution Instrumentation, Inc. (TAPI) is a world leader in the design and manufacture of precision analytical instrumentation for trace gas analysis. Founded in San Diego, California in 1988, TAPI introduced a complete line of Air Quality Monitoring (AQM) instrumentation, which complied with the Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) requirements for the measurement of criteria gases consisting of CO, SO2, NOX and Ozone.

SSince that time, TAPI has introduced many features to these products and has grown to the position of the leading producer of AQM instrumentation, providing state of the art analytical products on a world wide basis. Our instruments comply with US EPA regulations as well as a number of other international requirements.


TAPI's customer list is a "Who's Who" of environmental agencies and consultants. Of the four largest automated AQM networks in the world, TAPI instruments can be found in three. TAPI is the product of choice in Mexico City, Malaysia, Thailand, the United Kingdom not to mention many networks in the USA. TAPI instrumentation can be found in over fifty countries and every state in the US. With vast experience in AQM instrumentation, TAPI continues to expand its world market share in the growing environmental markets of China, the Indian sub-continent, and Africa.


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